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Been Away for a Bit, New Posts Coming Soon

Kumar Thangudu
I got way more subscribers than I expected doing this. I've been work-cationing in Europe for the past 6 weeks spending a few weeks with my business partner here in Lisbon and also spending time in Spain. 
Lisboa, Portugal

Next up on the plate in the next 4-8 weeks, I'll be writing about: 
  • Why Fusion is Irrelevant and Unlikely 
  • What the World's Transformer Shortage Means for Natural Gas
  • Water Shortages - Why are they actually occurring at an increasing pace?
  • Repositrak - This one is ~4.5 years of time I've spent researching, diligencing, and compiling. 
You might be curious to know what types of people subscribe to this newsletter. I  downloaded the list and ran it through to give me some clarity. 
  • Tech Founders (~30%) - Founders from all over.  
  • VC, PE, and Real Estate Fund Managers (~45%) - I suppose this number surprised me and I'm flattered given how many shots I take at y'all's tribe. 
  • Angel Investors (~10%)  - Some of them I've invested in and some I've never met. 
  • Tech Employees and Miscellaneous (~5%) - FAANGN + other startups 
  • Energy and Macro Fintwit Enthusiasts (~10%) - Some of my folks from Houston and random array of people. 
As always, feel free to ping me via twitter or dm me on signal or whatsapp if you want to discuss any of these topics or the previous writings.